Prose Fragment

68, "Prose Fragment"

Scope note: This is a small fragment of prose, possibly describing a mythical or historical figure.


69, "Prose"

Scope note: This is a fragment from the outer margin of a leaf of papyrus codex. The surviving letters do not allow for reliable determination.

List of Clothes (recto); Notes of A Poet (verso)

70, "Notes of a Poet" (Inv. 370 verso)

Scope note: The verso of this item seems to be the notes of a poet, in hexameter, prose and trimeter. The recto is a list of clothing.

Priest's Oath (recto); On the Slaughter of Cattle (verso)

71, "Priest's Oath" (Inv. 138 recto)

72, "On the Slaughter of Cattle" (Inv. 138 verso)

Scope note: This piece was part of a roll, and the recto and verso were written by different hands. Both sides are religious in nature, but not This oath has similarities with older, native Egyptian oaths. The verso contains regulations about the slaughter of cattle.

List of Planet Markers on Horoscope Board

73, "Use of Planet Markers on Horoscope Board" (join of Inv. 181+221)

Scope note: This text describes the use of markers to indicate the positions of planets on a board prepared for casting horoscopes. The descrip...

Description of Magical Figures

74, "Description of Magical Figures"

Charm against the Scorpion

75, "Charm against the Scorpion"

Scope note: There are magical words written in two columns, relating to scorpions.

Account of Landholdings and revenue

76, "Account of Landholdings and Revenue"