Settlement of a Dispute

27, "Settlement of a Dispute"

Scope note: This item is in two pieces, with some lines lost in the middle. It records the settlement before a presbyter (Pattinos) of a disput

Payments in Money and Grain

28, "Payments in Money and Grain"

Scope note: This document records payments in money and grain to workers (including a brickmaker, carpenter, and canal workers), as well as the waterwheels.


29, "Letter"

Scope note: This is a letter from one unnamed party to another. It mentions the planting of vegetables, a request for money (copper?) that was ...

Letter to Neicetes

30, "Letter to Neicetes

: Scope note: This is a letter in two columns addressed by a father to his son Neicetes, also with a greeting from his brother Dionysios added.


31, "Letter"

Scope note: This is a fragment of a letter, possibly mentioning the birthday of an emperor.

Letter Concerning Farm Operations

32, "Letter Concerning Farm Operations"

Scope note: This is part of a letter probably written by a landowner to the men in charge of his farm operations. There is mention of a cow use


33, "Letter"

Scope note: This is a very short letter to Maximus, cultivator, possibly about a acacia tree.


34, "Letter (?)"

Scope note: This fragment may be part of a letter or complaint. The occurrence of perilambanei and ekratesen suggests the possibly of use of ...