93, "Receipt"

Scope note: This is the beginning of a receipt, written in an unpracticed hand.


List of Names

94, "List of Names"

Scope note: This item lists names, and is possibly related to farm matters.

Festival Account

95, "Festival Account"

Scope note: A festival account with one column preserved in its entirety. There are entries for mimes, dancers and also herdsmen, suggesting a...

Order for Payment of Money

96, "Order for Payment of Money"

Scope note: The recto is a order for payment of money, possibly a loan. The order is from a Paulus given to an unknown person, but to be paid t...

Memorandum of Clothing Pawned

97, "Memorandum of Clothing Pawned"

Scope note: A memorandum of clothing pawned.

Account of Wine for Meals

98, "Account of Wine for Meals"

Scope note: An account of wine for meals.

Order to Deliver Wine

99, "Order to Deliver Wine"

 Scope note: An order to deliver wine. The verso is blank.

Payment of Oil

100, "Payment of Oil"

Scope note: This appears to be a receipt for payment for oil, but it does not conform to the usual format and terminology. The writing is confi...