James Merrill's Poetry Manuscripts



This site provides an introduction and background to selected  poems of James Merrill. It features important poems that also have interesting manuscripts, and includes journals and editorial notes. The sections of this site are linked to the paths indicated in the left margin.

Anyone who wishes to use an item from this site, in whole or in part, in any form of publication should consult the Manuscript Special Collections page at Washington University Libraries. Permission to quote from Merrill's work should be made utilizing The Wylie Agency Permissions Website. Requesters must also submit a completed and signed Request to Quote from or Otherwise Publish the James Merrill Papers form to the Washington University Department of Special Collections.  Any publication beyond the provisions of the fair use doctrine is restricted to those who have obtained permission of The Literary Estate of James Merrill at Washington University. If you find any text or image on this site used in violation of copyright, please notify Timothy Materer.

For a website devoted to the manuscripts of Merrill's Ouija transcripts for "The Book of Ephraim," see Washington University Libraries (Special Collections): James Merrill Digital Archive.



Timothy Materer, Author